Новата мисия!

23 06 2008

В 12:30 най-после излезе новата мисия. Съжалявам, не мога да ви кажа нищо повече за нея – още не съм я минал. Утре след даскало ще оправя нещата. 😉




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23 06 2008

su6to taka i rockhopper ve4e se vijda ot teleskopa 🙂

24 06 2008

yes basi qkoto sq q minavam!

24 06 2008

az se opitah no ne uspah 😦

24 06 2008

1. Talk to G. He will talk about all the tremours happening in Club Penguin

2. Go to the dock, you wil find that klutzy the crab and the polar bear is responsible for the tremours.

3. Go to the beach and pick up the fishing net then visit the gadget room and get the hammer from the wall.

4. Go to the town and you will see two penguins, talk to them.

5. Go to the coffee shop, and start a conversation with him

6. Help him by picking up his cookies.

7. Take a cookie from him, and go to the town and give it to the puffle there.

8. Go to the snow forts and follow the piece of paper, keep clicking it until it lands in a penguins newspaper.

9. Talk to the penguin with the paper in his book. Ask to see the newspaper.

10. Go to the pizza shop and get him a pizza.

11. Ask for the newspaper when you give him the pizza. Put it in your inventory and then take it out, you will get the small piece. Put it in your inventory.

12. Go back to Gary and talk to him.

13. Talk to him again and ask for his, “Super helium”.

14. Now take the helium and get the fedora/propeller cap which is around the test chamber.

15. Go to the lighthouse and get the balloons and a barrel from the penguins.

16. Get another cookie and put the fedora hat on the puffle.

17. Feed the puffle the cookie with his brand new hat on! Then, go to the sports shop and pick up the pins beside the tent.

18. Go to the tunnel at the dock and follow the directions of both sheets of paper.

19. Once you got the paper sheets, go to the town .

20. Use your spy phone to unscrew the pipe on the gift shop.

21. Now put helium in your baloon to air it up

22. Go to the town and put the balloon on the right side.

23. Now put the net, nails, and hammer all on it.

24. Go back to the dock and go inside the tunnel, with your sheets of paper helping find your way.

Optional (You will get a gift if you do this)

1) To get a gift, taken out your Spy Phone, and take out your Wrench.
2) Use the wrench on the open section of the drill machine. You should then see a Gear, take it.

25. Go to the boiler room and talk to herbert.

26. Fix the pipes to the boiler. All you have to do is connect the top left corner to the down right corner.

27. Go to the HQ and talk to G. You are done the mission and take your medal and gift.

24 06 2008
èğħŧ ЂåĬĬ

Az q Minah Ve4e

24 06 2008

Az sa6to q minah s pomo6ta na KiNg_SPiDeR .A nagradite sa boiler room medal i ot predi6nata misia onova kolelo za 4asovnikovata kula.G go dava zashtoto ve4e nie tainite agenti namerihme istinskoto kolelo pri Herbert i zatva G ni vrashta drugoto kolelo koeto e slojeno v hladilna 4anta. PS:Nagradite sa mnogo qki!!!

24 06 2008


24 06 2008

lol za tezi deto o6te ne sa q minali namerih o6te ne6to http://youtube.com/watch?v=3Txnqr8eCbs

24 06 2008

az sa6to q minah

24 06 2008

ama 4isto sam bez da gledam ot nikade

25 06 2008

hora za 8 misiq li govorite az q minax

25 06 2008

ti otkri amerika zn li si4ki nie ot koga sme q minali

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